Welcome to Gold Squad!


In Gold Squad you will be expected:

1.  To attain qualifying time(s).

2.  To swim seven hours per week.

3.  To have a minimum training standard, i.e., keep up!

4.  To have a good attendance level.

5.  To compete in galas, Open Meets, Medway Championships, Kent County Championships and South East Regional Championships.



Here you will find lots of useful information on how to support your swimming goals:   



When purchasing a new racing suit, please bear in mind fabric loosens in water, therefore racing suits should be tight fitting.  The looser the costume, the more drag, the slower the swim.  We don't mind swimmers wearing baggy suits in training, in fact we actively promote it, as a training tool!  If you spend more than £80 on a swimsuit, you should consider that these swimsuits are not designed to be sat around in for 3 or 4 hours.  Therefore a training costume can be used for gala warm ups, but swimmers should not change into their racing suit until shortly before they are due to go up for their race.  This can be problematic at team galas, where swimmers may have a couple of individual events and several relays throughout the night.  In this instance a tight, cheaper swimsuit may be more appropriate. This may seem like additional expense, however, once the children are training 7 hours a week, they will wear costumes out quicker, a racing costume that has seen better days, can become a team gala swimsuit and the current team gala swimsuit may become an additional training suit.


If you have any questions that are not covered here, please speak to your Coach and they will endeavour to answer any questions.  


Photo credit to Jacob P

Gold squad; Larkfield swimming club