Taking Photographs including use of camera, mobile phone or other device

Larkfield Swimming Club, in line with Section 2 of Swim England's Wavepower guidance, would like to advise all spectators that training sessions, activities and events run by Larkfield Swimming Club are licensed under ASA law and as such spectators should restrict their photography to their own child(ren) and gain Club approval before reproducing or circulating any images.  For further information, please visit: http://www.swimming.org/asa/clubs-and-members/safeguarding-children/

No use of any kind of photographic equipment should be used in the changing rooms by swimmers or parents.  All areas other than the competition pool come under the jurisdiction of the Leisure Centre or venue attending.  

Video footage may from time to time be used as a coaching tool to improve technique of swimmers.  Permission from parents will be sought prior to the footage being taken.  Every attempt will be made to share the footage with the swimmer immediately and any images will be deleted immediately after they have been viewed by the swimmer.  On rare occasions a coach may wish to share footage with another coach / parent, and when the other coach / parent is not present, permission will be sought to hold the image until such as viewing has been completed.  

If you have any concerns relating to photography of your child(ren), please speak to the Welfare Officer or your child's coach.  

Thank you.