Larkfield Swimming Club is a swimming teaching and coaching club, offering children and masters from the local community opportunities to train and compete at all levels.  We aim to nurture a life-long love of swimming through participation, encouragement and discipline.  

Larkfield Swimming Club strives to maintain a sustainable, high-quality swimming club, which encourages all athletes to reach their optimum potential through diverse and effective training program.  We welcome all swimmers irrespective of age, ability, ethnicity or gender.  Larkfield Swimming Club recognises swimming introduces young people to skills they do not necessarily experience through school or home life, such as drive, perseverance, confidence and determination, whilst providing other advantages, such as, camaraderie, team spirit, physical fitness and mental well-being.  Larkfield Swimming Club aims to expose our members to all these positive experiences and attributes in a friendly, nurturing, all-inclusive, supportive and safe environment.  The social and physical fitness benefits of swimming for all ages are undisputed, but Larkfield Swimming Clubs unique element is the friendly and nurturing ambience of the club, so why not come down to Larkfield Leisure Centre on a Thursday evening at 7pm or 8pm and have a chat to some of our members?  

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